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Juan Zha MenComprehensive strength

Shutter doorsIs a lot of joint activities of the door in series together,
Turn the upper and lower doors around the top of the door.
is the most basic function of all categories of sound small silence process.
Convenience before the opening brake station will bend over.
1, wireless remote control, common 433MHz wireless remote control handle control;
external system control, with the development of information technology.
Through the embedded control systemComputer automatically identify, automatically.

Quality lean production

Have a sound set of product development system、quality management system marketing system.
Roller gate for commercial facade, garage, double beam

Market competitivenessstrong

Products sell well throughout the country,Pearl River Delta regionCreate a good brand,
Economic benefits in the same industry、Significantly increased.

Product range

Volume gate、Crystal roll gate、Stainless steel roll gate and so on!
Choose what you need:
Manual, electric.

Sales serviceperfect

Services throughout the country
product quality、Perfect sales service system、Reasonable product price
Company Profile
       Foshan Sihong roll gate factory mainly engaged in new electric doors, roll gate, Foshan roll gate, Foshan shutter doors, crystal volumes gate, electric roll gate, aluminum roll gate, roll gate manufacturers, stainless steel roll gate, etc.! Is a set research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service in one of the professional electric doors, roll gate, anti-theft doors and windows, protective doors and windows of the manufacturer. Our goal is to fight the electric door into .....
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